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‘Naked’ is the result of my artistic intention to be absolutely transparent.

It’s my attempt to show the most important parts of our existence in a self-portrait: the blood and the bones we are all made of, the skin and the spirit, the conscious and the unconscious, our possibilities and our limitations.


The conscious integration of all our aspects gives us immense powers of creation, which we can focus through the heart and transform into a life-giving, miraculous force, which is symbolised by the light going from the heart of the central figure to the tree and feeding the growth of the leaf. This is the power to heal the earth and we find it in our own centre, which is connected with the collective heart of all beings, the place inside of us where we all share the same dreams and potential.


The flesh and the divine (central figure). The shadow (figure right of centre). The impermanence of existence (old woman on the left). The innocence of the eternal soul (child on the right).


I painted the uterus (*) as a temple, which creates all life, and therefore all experiences on this planet. The realization of the true sacredness of existence has the power to change our world if we can shift this understanding to the collective level. For this to happen, this knowledge asks us to raise the sexual energy of creation to the heart level (symbolising universal love and sacred union): we can no longer separate making love from being love. We can no longer separate the divine from the mundane, the sacred from our blood, oneness from existence, ‘you’ from ‘me’.


The leafless tree is a symbol of the suffering of our nature (both inner and outer) caused by greed, carelessness and blindness; through this I am trying to increase the feeling of urgency. It symbolises the spiritual emergency – the need to save the planet and the human soul in these times.


The eyes in the hands are a symbol of the artist’s duty to explain her inner landscapes. This is how the artist fulfils her personal mission.

Since no one knows the whole truth, and this truth would anyway be absolutely beyond any possibilities of exact explanations, this is my truth. I did not concern myself with perfecting the spheres, which symbolise that we are constantly creating, because I think, as humans, we are not perfect and do not create perfect visions and realities.


I seek to bring the viewer to a confrontation with his/her own inner feelings, fears and hopes. This is an invitation for the spectator to look within his/her own self…


*The form of the uterus is inspired by a drawing by Alpha Channelling.


Painting: Acrylic

Size: 146 cm x 97 cm

Painted between Oct 2017 – Feb 2018

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